New World | Twitch Drops | 33 ITEMS


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Purchase Twitch Drops for New World and unlock exclusive in-game items! Immerse yourself deeper into the world of New World with these unique rewards.

After making payment, you will receive login details for the Twitch account which will contain drops for New World. You may redeem these drops for exclusive items in the game!

Note: Items can only be redeemed once. If you purchase the drops again, you will only be able to redeem items that you have not owned before!

Link your Steam account and the Twitch account provided via the link: [Insert Link for linking accounts]

🛒 List of items to receive:

  1. Black Tower Battlemail
  2. Black Tower Boots
  3. Black Tower Gauntlets
  4. Black Tower Hosen
  5. Call of the Wilds Flail
  6. Call of the Wilds Mount Attachment Skin
  7. Gryphon Crest
  8. Gryphon Raider Chausses
  9. Gryphon Raider Jerkin
  10. Gryphon Raider Mitts
  11. Gryphon Raider Riding Boots
  12. Horned Bone Hatchet
  13. Horned Logging Axe
  14. Horned Sage Gaiters
  15. Horned Sage Gloves
  16. Horned Sage Leggings
  17. Horned Sage Robes
  18. Mossclad Boots
  19. Mossclad Cuisses
  20. Mossclad Helm
  21. Mossclad Thornvest
  22. Mossclad Vambraces
  23. Ornate Jacquard Bracers
  24. Ornate Jacquard Brogens
  25. Ornate Jacquard Chausses
  26. Ornate Jacquard Gambeson
  27. Ornate Jacquard Mantilla
  28. Scarlet Soldier’s Cuirass
  29. Scarlet Soldier’s Menpo
  30. Scarlet Soldier’s Kote
  31. Scarlet Soldier’s Kusari
  32. Scarlet Soldier’s Kusazur
  33. Yezariael’s Visage

As redemption time may be limited, it is highly advised to redeem the drops immediately upon receiving the Twitch account.