Hunt: Showdown | Twitch Drops | 30 ITEMS


Introducing an exclusive offer for Hunt: Showdown enthusiasts!

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Unlock exclusive items in Hunt: Showdown with our Twitch Drops bundle!

After payment, you’ll receive a Twitch account that grants access to these unique items in Hunt: Showdown, along with instructions on how to claim them.

Note: These items can only be obtained once. If you’ve previously received these items, you won’t be able to receive them again on the same account. This offer does not apply to Xbox users. You will receive only those items from the list that you do not have on your account.

To claim your items, simply link your Hunt: Showdown account to the provided Twitch account by visiting Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops.

Additional Information:
Don’t forget to buy yourself a RANDOM HUNTER as well.

🛒 List of items to receive:

  1. Alley Cat
  2. Carnassial Wills
  3. Gator Eye
  4. Hera´s Gift
  5. Jackal´s Snare
  6. Kill Buyer
  7. Molted Curio
  8. Moondial
  9. Sinner´s Hope
  10. Swallow´s Tail
  11. The Fifth Tale
  12. The Marquis
  13. Umpire´s Bane
  14. x16 Supply Crate
  15. x33 Anniversary Supply Crate
  16. x4 Halloween Supply Crate
  17. x750 Event Points
  18. x750 Event Points
  19. x750 Event Points
  20. x750 Event Points
  21. x750 Event Points
  22. x750 Event Points
  23. x750 Event Points
  24. x750 Event Points
  25. x750 Event Points
  26. x750 Event Points
  27. x750 Event Points
  28. x8 Bayou Bowl Supply Crate
  29. +1 Random Hunter

As redemption time may be limited, it is highly advised to redeem the drops immediately upon receiving the Twitch account.

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Hunt: Showdown

Twitch Drop, Random Hunter