Albion Online | Twitch Drops | Community Chests Bundle


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Purchase Twitch Drops for Albion Online and unlock exclusive Community Chests filled with valuable loot!

After making your purchase, you’ll receive login details for a Twitch account loaded with these coveted drops.

Redeem each chest for unique items in-game, enhancing your Albion Online experience with every claim!

Note: Items can only be redeemed once. If you purchase the drops again, you will only be able to redeem items that you have not owned before.

Link your Albion Online account and the provided Twitch account via the link provided.

Additional Information:

  • You will receive approximately 7-28 chests. The quantity may vary slightly, with up to +-30 chests.

🛒 List of items to receive:

1. Common Community Chest
2. Rare Community Chest
3. Common Community Chest 2
4. Epic Community Chest
5. Common Community Chest 3
6. Common Community Chest 4
7. Legendary Community Chest

As redemption time may be limited, it is highly advised to redeem the drops immediately upon receiving the Twitch account.