Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six | Twitch Drops


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Purchase Twitch Drops for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and unlock exclusive items filled with valuable loot!

After making your purchase, you’ll receive login details for a Twitch account loaded with these coveted drops.
Redeem each item in-game, enhancing your Rainbow Six experience with every claim!

Note: Items can only be redeemed once. If you purchase the drops again, you will only be able to redeem items that you have not owned before.

Additional Information:
Packs/skins from previous distributions have EXPIRED, it is impossible to obtain them. These are the maximum items that were farmed on the Twitch account.

Please note that packs expire quickly; you may receive several packs less than stated in the product description/title. If you receive less than the specified quantity, please contact the seller immediately. Conversely, due to frequent distributions, you may receive several more packs than indicated in the product description. Rest assured, you have purchased a lot with the maximum number of items from Twitch; you will not be able to receive a larger number of items.


Link your Rainbow Six account and the provided Twitch account via the link provided.

🛒 List of items to receive:

– x12 Esport packs S1 2024 W1-W8, May 16-27
– Reward Panel Y9S2

As redemption time may be limited, it is highly advised to redeem the drops immediately upon receiving the Twitch account.