Steam SDA Account


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Steam Desktop Authenticator is an open-source program that allows users to use two-factor authentication without the need for a mobile application.


After the purchase you receive:
1. Link to download the program and instructions.
2. The file (maFile) that you upload to Steam Desktop Authenticator.
3. Login and password for the account.
4. Security code (Revocation code).

In order for the account to use Steam Community Market, you have to top up $5 and wait 7 days.


After purchasing an account, it belongs to you forever.

All accounts were registered manually! These accounts are perfect to be used as bots or dummy accounts!

•  Because of the price, guarantees do not apply to the accounts. If you successfully log in to your account, it is no longer subject to exchange / return.
• If the account gets compromised or stolen, it is not our fault and no replacement will be provided.
• We will only replace accounts that cannot be logged into at the start or accounts with corrupted maFiles.