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Boost your profile standing with the Cheapest Mobile Legends Charisma Gifting service.
Increase your reputation and become a legend without breaking bank!

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Mobile Legends Charisma Gifting service offers a cost-effective way to increase your profile standing and reputation in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. With this service, you can send gifts to yourself or other players in the game, boosting charisma and making you a popular in the Mobile Legends community. This service is perfect for players who want to increase their profile standing and reputation without breaking the bank!

Product Information

We will send the gifts to the profile provided which will increase the profile charisma and popularity!
The delivery is fast and simple, you only need to provide the in-game name and profile ID!


Ensure that you leave the correct ID and server, if you typed in the wrong details, we are not liable for any wrong gifting!

Additional information

Charisma Gift

Agate, Layla's Chocolate, Blessing Lantern, Lucky Straw Doll, Adorable Smilodon, Haunted Doll’s Candy, Nana’s Paw, Diggie Coloured Egg, Harley’s Magic Hat, Kagura's Umbrella, Angela’s Doll, Angel Ark, Paradise Island, Goldmoon Lantern