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Upgrade your Google One storage easily and securely with our premium service! Choose from three storage plans and two convenient options to suit your needs.

Storage Plans:

  1. 100GB
  2. 200GB
  3. 2TB


  1. Join Our Family Plan:
    • Cost-effective and secure. No password required.
    • Enjoy the benefits of Google One storage by joining our family plan. Simply join our group and start using the storage immediately.
  2. Direct Account Upgrade:
    • Provide your password, and we upgrade your account directly. You can then add up to 5 people to your plan.
    • Share your ID and password with us. We’ll handle the upgrade process directly on the Google website. After the upgrade, you can change your password for added security.

How It Works (Direct Account Upgrade):

  1. Give Us Your Password: Share your ID and password.
  2. We Upgrade Your Account: We handle the upgrade process directly on the Google website.
  3. Exchange Password: After the upgrade, you can change your password for added security.
  4. One-Year Storage: Your upgraded storage is valid for one year (renewable).
  5. Family Sharing: Invite up to 5 people to join your family group and share the storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What distinguishes our service from other sellers?
    • Our products are genuine, purchased directly from Google. We subscribe continuously through the official Google website, ensuring authenticity. You can verify the subscription date in your Google One settings.
  • Will my account be at risk of being banned or losing storage?
    • Absolutely not. We do not use “shared device,” fake domain, or G Suite subdomain methods, which often lead to account bans and storage loss. Our approach involves legal, direct purchases from the Google website.
  • Why is our service more expensive compared to “lifetime” offers?
    • “Lifetime” methods are risky and often result in lost files and inaccessible accounts. These offers typically operate under a master account that can terminate your storage at any time. Our service ensures continuous, secure access.
  • If I decide not to renew after a year, will I lose access to my files?
    • No, you will retain access to all your files even if you choose not to renew the subscription.

📌 Important Information: Once payment is completed and information is sent to us, please allow us time to set up the storage as this requires manual work, especially obtaining 2-Step authentication information from you. Your understanding and patience are appreciated.

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