CS:GO Prime Account


CS:GO Prime Account is the ultimate solution for a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. With its high trust factor, you’ll face less cheaters and trolls, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Elevate your game to new heights with our prime accounts

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“Unleash your full potential in Counter Strike: Global Offensive with our CS:GO Prime Account. Enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience with a reduced likelihood of encountering cheaters and trolls, thanks to its high trust factor. With Prime, you’ll be matched with fellow Prime players for a more fair and competitive match. Upgrade now and join the ranks of the top players with our top-tier CSGO accounts.”

Account Information:

  • Comes in random ranks from Unranked to Global Elite
  • Played Hours ranging from 1- 100 Hours
  • Able to add friends as it is full access and not limited unlike most other sellers
  • Strictly hand played, accounts are not hacked
  • Boosted Hours Accounts are Non-Prime
  • 10 Year Medal also comes with 5 Year Medal for Non-Prime accounts

Account details:

  • No VAC Bans
  • No Cheats Used
  • High Trust Factor

Please allow up to 12 hours for us to prepare the account as we may be unavailable at certain times!
Delivery is instant if we are online!

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